Ultimate eLearning Experience offers hybrid, multi-experiential, multi-media, multi-technology eLearning platforms.

Highly evolved user interactivity, extensive metrics, support, and certification is included.

Usage free hybrid platforms with custom development of available technologies and media including; video, augmented reality, virtual simulations, artificial intelligence chatbots, gamification, action stops, animations and ecommerce.

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AI Virtual Tutor Chatbots

AI chatbots can be used in eLearning platforms to create virtual tutors that enhance the training process, personalizing it to the unique needs of each learner. While chatbots of the past were rather clumsy and forced users to choose between a narrow range of options to interact with the bot, artificial intelligence has greatly expanded the capacity of chatbot functionality to make for more realistic interactions that respond to real human language in a conversational format that flows like a usual human to human interaction. The natural quality of interactions provided by virtual tutors with artificial intelligence (AI) is what makes the use of AI chatbots in eLearning so effective. AI virtual tutors bring to the learning process the same interaction and personalized approach that makes in-person instruction so responsive to individual learner needs, while remaining in a vastly more accessible digital space within the context of a standardized eLearning course that ensures every learner receives the same high quality instruction.

AI Chatbots in Corporate eLearning Platforms

Corporate eLearning platforms can realize numerous advantages through the deployment of custom AI chatbots. AI virtual tutors can be beneficial to the new employee onboarding and training processes, where new employees may have a wide variety of questions dependent upon their previous experiences, and each employee has different knowledge and skills gaps depending upon their unique backgrounds. AI chatbots can also be used in other eLearning training courses, for example when businesses introduce new equipment or other technologies that need to be adopted by the staff successfully to realize the full potential they offer to the company. AI chatbots in this context provide continual guidance to the trainee that is both automated and personal, reducing the need for trainer attention while ensuring the same high quality learning outcomes.

AI Chatbots in CME and Other Medical eLearning Platforms

Clinicians are constantly learning new skills and keeping their medical knowledge up to date using CME and other medical eLearning platforms. Virtual tutors with artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to enhance these CME and medical eLearning platforms to make the learning experience personalized to each learner’s particular needs. Using real time automated interactions with an AI chatbot in the process of taking the eLearning course provides clinicians with the opportunity to ask questions for clarification of core course material, request additional information on topics of particular interest, obtain more detailed feedback on their performance on any skills assessments, quizzes, and/or tests that may be a part of the medical eLearning experience, obtain pertinent contact information for the medical organizations represented in the platform, be directed to particular parts of the course that has the information they seek, and more. AI virtual tutors make CME and other medical eLearning platforms more interactive, engaging, and personal. With AI virtual tutors, learners participate more in their learning experience in ways that enhance their strengths, improve their weak spots, and drive better retention of the information and skills taught by the eLearning course.

Example: Airoi and Parker AI Chatbots

Airoi and Parker AI Chatbots

The Airoi AI chatbot is DDA’s demonstration of the capabilities of AI chatbots, whether used in eLearning platforms, websites, or elsewhere. The Airoi chatbot fields questions from users about artificial intelligence, chatbots, the history of the technologies involved, the time and costs associated with custom AI chatbot design and development, the optional enhancements to AI chatbots that are possible, and more. Functioning within a smaller window of a website, users talk to the Airoi chatbot using natural language to learn more about virtually any topic related to how AI and chatbots work, and how they can be used to enhance understanding in a variety of contexts, from customer service, to eCommerce, training, and more.

The Parker AI chatbot is another example of DDA’s AI chatbot development. Initially developed for Nexus Parking Systems, a company with parking garages and lots located all throughout New Jersey, the Parker chatbot fields questions about multiple parking locations, their pricing, their parking policies, security, directions, availability of handicap-accessible spacing and electric vehicle charging, distance from train platforms, and more. The Parker AI chatbot is unique in that it is split into handling the same basic questions in different ways for all the different locations there are, and can also track that the conversation is about a particular location so that the user does not need to keep reestablishing that with every subsequent question.

The Parker AI chatbot also offers prompts on basic topics to users to help direct the conversation to what would be most helpful, and features an avatar that represents Nexus Parking Systems’ commitment to high quality customer service. Live agent support can also be requested and provided through the chatbot per need, and robust administrative reporting features show extensive usage metrics that grant insight into what customers are thinking. The Parker chatbot demonstrates that AI chatbots can be used to govern conversations around complex topics with ease, and has helped Nexus Parking Systems offer the same level of customer service in an automated process that reduces labor demands and even provides coverage off business hours. DDA will also be offering the Parker chatbot design for others interested in its unique capabilities.

Custom Design and Development of AI Chatbots in eLearning by DDA

DDA’s depth of experience in interactive multimedia design and development place it among the top eLearning companies in the US offering custom AI chatbots for use in corporate and medical eLearning platforms. With a deep background in a wide variety of technologies, including video, 2D and 3D animation, database development, games, virtual simulations, custom eCommerce websites, eLearning solutions, mobile and online applications, and more, all created in house with no outsourcing, DDA is a one stop shop for all eLearning needs. With the use of custom AI virtual tutors, DDA’s eLearning platforms offer more comprehensive, interactive, and personalized learning experiences for businesses and medical organizations of all kinds.

Explore this website to learn more about DDA’s other eLearning technologies, or if you have a particular project you would like to discuss, contact DDA today.

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