Ultimate eLearning Experience offers hybrid, multi-experiential, multi-media, multi-technology eLearning platforms.

Highly evolved user interactivity, extensive metrics, support, and certification is included.

Usage free hybrid platforms with custom development of available technologies and media including; video, augmented reality, virtual simulations, artificial intelligence chatbots, gamification, action stops, animations and ecommerce.

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Artificial Intelligence in eLearning

Artificial intelligence has numerous applications in medical and corporate eLearning platforms. From using AI to create eLearning courses that adapt to trainee learning styles in real time and AI-enhanced metrics reporting for greater insight into usage, to virtual tutors that assist learners during the course of progress and more, eLearning artificial intelligence development offers a lot of opportunities to make for more personalized and robust learning experiences that help accommodate differences between learners and reproduce the dynamics that make personal instruction so effective. Artificial intelligence in eLearning can be used both to help focus additional efforts towards understanding topics that are challenging for specific users, as well as to encourage users to get a deeper understanding of those topics on which they demonstrate strength and ease. By creating eLearning that automatically addresses the unique needs of each learner, eLearning AI keeps users more deeply involved in the ways that will ensure the best results from the deployment of the eLearning platform.

AI in eLearning Platforms for Businesses

Businesses use eLearning to address a wide variety of needs. From employee onboarding and training to professional skills acquisition and learning crucial professional ethical standards, eLearning platforms help disseminate crucial lessons that ensure employees are working to their fullest potential. Artificial intelligence can be used in corporate eLearning platforms in a variety of ways to enhance the learning process. Course content can be personalized for individual users based on demographic profiles and/or past performance metrics by pulling from a wider range of materials and ordering them in a way that optimizes the retention of information for each learner type. When learners demonstrate weak performance on specific topics through their review time and/or responses to questions, they can be presented additional reinforcing content on those topics. Where learners are particularly strong, additional educational materials can be presented to encourage even greater engagement. Quizzes and tests can likewise be customized for specific learner profiles based on demographics and performance metrics to ensure that knowledge is tested in a way most appropriate to the particular needs of each user of the eLearning course. Perhaps most intriguing, an AI virtual tutor can be incorporated that allows learners to ask questions about the course content at any time, clarifying lessons and gaining broader and deeper understanding in a truly self-directed manner. AI virtual tutors bring many of the advantages of personal classroom instruction to an online platform, while deepening user engagement with the training to help ensure the best possible learning outcomes for each learner.

Artificial Intelligence B2B

AI in CME and Other Medical eLearning Platforms

AI can also benefit continuing medical education (CME) and other medical eLearning platforms in powerful ways. As in the case of corporate eLearning platforms, eLearning AI allows for customized and personalized course content and testing that can help ensure that the eLearning is structured in a way that is best suited to each learner’s style, strengths, weaknesses, and perspectives. AI virtual tutors likewise can serve a crucial role in helping clinicians have a fuller understanding of the given eLearning subject matter from their own particular perspective. As CME and other medical eLearning platforms are often offered to a wide and diverse array of clinicians, the capacity for eLearning artificial intelligence to automatically adjust the eLearning experience to match the unique needs of each and every learner offers great potential to make CME and medical eLearning platforms more powerful learning experiences for wider audiences than ever before.

Custom eLearning Artificial Intelligence Solutions by DDA

DDA is a boutique digital design and development house focused on custom eLearning solutions. Established in 1994, DDA builds off a legacy of continuous innovation in a digital and interactive media forms, providing all services in house to ensure optimal efficiency, seamless integration, and the best end user experience. DDA has successfully produced an extensive range of digital media and interactive programs for businesses and medical organizations, including videos, 2D and 3D animations, virtual simulations, games, search engine optimized multimedia websites, continuing medical education (CME) platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, eCommerce websites, corporate and medical eLearning platforms, P2P deep learning meeting facilitation mobile applications, augmented reality apps, and more. This multidisciplinary background that unites both creative and technical prowess has been cornerstone to establishing the company as the eLearning experts and one of the top eLearning companies in the USA. With DDA’s eLearning AI development, eLearning platforms become more intuitive, engaging, and personalized, offering instruction that is tailored to each user’s strengths and weaknesses and driving better learning outcomes for all.

Feel free to read more about DDA’s eLearning design and development solutions by exploring this website, or if there’s a specific project you would like to discuss, be sure to contact DDA today.

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