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Custom eLearning Animation

Custom eLearning animation is an effective way to communicate important topics in an engaging and memorable manner. DDA is among the top 2D and 3D animation studios offering custom professional training and educational eLearning animations for businesses and medical organizations of all kinds. As dedicated eLearning experts, DDA has a long history developing custom eLearning animations and animated videos, and helps its clients uncover what kinds of animation work best to convey complex information in a clear, cogent, and comprehensible way.

Custom eLearning Animation for Businesses

Custom eLearning animations and animated videos can be used by businesses for a variety of communication needs. From showing customers how to use particular products and services, to training staff on how to work to optimal standards, DDA’s professional 2D and 3D animation studios produce high quality eLearning animations that show viewers what to look for and how to act in a variety of scenarios. DDA’s eLearning animations can do everything from teach employees how to use complex tools like intranets and databases, show customers how to assemble, use, and maintain products, and educate the public on important issues to inspire them to action.

2D eLearning animation is particularly effective when simplified visuals help viewers better comprehend a topic, while 3D eLearning animation can help create a wow factor that captures attention and keeps audiences engaged. 2D whiteboard animation can be used for eLearning purposes to make materials that would otherwise be more static, like text and images, come alive by timing the visual role-out of information in coordination with voice-over narration, helping to guide the visual portion of the learning experience so that viewers actively pay attention and thus helping to ensure better memory retention. With DDA’s broad background in a variety of media and technologies, DDA can find the perfect eLearning animation to meet any communication challenge.

Custom Medical eLearning Animation

Medical eLearning animations, including both 2D and 3D animations, can help break down complex topics in an eye-catching and easy to understand visual medium. While video still has an important place in medical eLearning platforms, sometimes the underlying biology that needs to be understood is not easily discernible in video and still images. 2D medical eLearning animations are a great way to show distinct body tissues or other biological/medical information in simple, high contrast, easily comprehended way. Tissue layers, cell types, structures, and organs all become much more easily distinguished through the use of 2D animation. 2D medical eLearning animations can also simplify complex processes by using visual symbols for systemic phenomenon like basal metabolism, nerve functioning, pain reception, or other concepts that are challenging to portray visually.

3D medical animation offers many of the same benefits of 2D medical animation in eLearning, but can achieve greater detail and accuracy. 3D medical eLearning animation can be effective when seeing a full system in motion is crucial to getting a strong understanding of the issues. Portraying muscular disorders, joint problems, issues with skeletal structure, or coordination problems are some examples of the kinds of topics that are well suited to the greater detail that 3D medical eLearning animations can portray. 3D medical animations can also show the effects of traumatic injuries on various parts of the body. From blunt force trauma to puncturing and penetration, chemical and combustive burns, and more, 3D medical animations can show how multiple body areas are affected and what treatments are designed to do to correct the resulting damages. 3D medical animation can be used wherever realistic detail on the working and structure of the human body is beneficial, and thus its applications are quite extensive.

Example: TraumaCure WoundStat™ 3D Medical Animation

WoundStat Medical Animation

The TraumaCure WoundStat 3D medical animation was created by DDA in 2007. WoundStat is a unique hemostatic agent that helps quickly and easily stop bleeding, intended for use by soldiers on the battlefield who need to move fast under extreme stress. The video was created to show how the unique hemostatic agent works to quickly to stop severe arterial bleeding with minimal effort, ideal for use in the challenges presented by an active military theater. The video shows how a solider would apply the hemostatic agent, showing the packing of the small balls into a wound using 3D modeled soldiers. The video also includes some live action video to demonstrate real world results, plus additional information about its success in trials and how medics will follow up to complete treatment after the administration of WoundStat. The 3D medical eLearning animation served as both an effective instruction and promotion tool for TraumaCure.

About Custom 3D eLearning Animation by DDA

Established in 1994, DDA is one of the top eLearning companies in the USA, and has been at the forefront of advanced interactive and multimedia technologies since day one. From being the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania, and one of the first digital video and animation studios in the country, DDA would go on to create one of the earliest comprehensive SEO programs, and help advance the state of the art in eLearning technologies, including 2D and 3D eLearning animations. DDA produces training and educational eLearning animations for businesses and medical organizations of all kinds, finding the perfect solution to meet the specific challenges of each.

Learn more about the many eLearning design and development services DDA offers by exploring this website further, or if you have a specific project in mind you would like to discuss, contact DDA today.

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