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Highly evolved user interactivity, extensive metrics, support, and certification is included.

Usage Fee Free hybrid platforms with custom development of available technologies and media including; video, augmented reality, virtual simulations, artificial intelligence chatbots, gamification, action stops, animations and ecommerce.

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Video-Based eLearning

Video-based eLearning websites are an effective way to teach and train for businesses and medical organizations alike. eLearning videos provide an immersive learning experience that keeps people focused and engaged, and can be particularly useful when there is a need to educate people on any activities that require interpersonal interaction. Role-playing eLearning videos communicate the subtleties of exchanges in an explicit manner that static instruction alone may not quite capture. Customer service, professional conduct, sexual harassment, sales, management, interprofessional practice, healthcare consulting, and other professional skills that are dependent upon real-time communication and interaction are all examples of the kinds of topics that may particularly benefit from video-based eLearning solutions.

Video-Based eLearning for Businesses

For businesses to run effectively, they must run efficiently and ethically. Video-based eLearning can help companies make the most out of their employees in a variety of ways. From initial employee onboarding and training, to continued professional development, to addressing liability issues arising from on the job conduct, such as preventing sexual harassment and prejudicial behavior, video-based eLearning holds great potential to provide a comprehensive and human learning experience. With so much of the day-to-day success of a business dictated by how professionals interact with one another, video-based eLearning platforms are perfectly suited to realistically portraying the full reality of personal interactions to demonstrate what professional conduct looks like in context.

Video-based eLearning can also be invaluable in teaching technical skills that require visual and/or auditory acuity. By showing employees how to accomplish their regular tasks, video-based eLearning websites help prepare workers by teaching the skills they need in a consistent manner from a centralized, automated informational hub, helping to alleviate demands for in-person training while also ensuring the highest standards are met.

Video-Based eLearning for Medical Organizations

The practice of medicine is dependent upon strong communication between patients and providers. Learning how to most effectively obtain an accurate understanding of a patient’s condition, and communicating treatment regimens in a persuasive, coherent, and concise way are goals worthy of all healthcare providers. Similarly, workers in other parts of the healthcare system rely upon interpersonal interactions in a wide variety of settings to get a full understanding of the challenges presented and the potential paths to meet and resolve them. Video-based eLearning platforms are perfectly suited to helping clinicians and other healthcare workers understand best how to work with patients and collaborate with other healthcare professionals in a variety of contexts to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Video-based eLearning can also help clinicians understand more technical skills that benefit from a visual representation. Examinations, diagnostics, and more can all be taught in a cogent, efficient, and standardized manner through the use of an interactive video-based medical eLearning platform. The possibilities for improving health care through video-based eLearning are endless.

Example: APIH Public Health Training Simulation

APIH Public Health Training Solution

DDA built the APIH Public Health Training Simulation in 2017. This video-based eLearning platform is centered on over an hour of original videos divided into three chapters and numerous scenes covering the topic of a foodborne illness outbreak, including the initial patient visits, subsequent work by public health department officials, and grand rounds to discuss the entire episode and reach conclusions about the response and its effectiveness to guide future decision-making. Interspersed throughout the video content are action stops that prompt the viewer to consider particular questions and respond with feedback based on their input, or expose the learner to additional information.

Most video scenes are accompanied by research citations and reference materials, the latter of which can be saved to a personal library with the click of the mouse. Pre- and post-course learner assessments capture growth in understanding of the public health topics in the course, and a module evaluation allows learners to share their response to the eLearning experience as a whole. Sponsored by the CDC along with APIH’s four member organizations representing thousands of schools and hundreds of thousands of medical and public health students, the platform has been well received and continues to grow in popularity among APIH’s audience.

Custom eLearning Design and Development by DDA

DDA is among the top companies in the USA offering custom eLearning solutions to businesses and medical organizations of all kinds. Founded in 1994, DDA has pioneered the use of interactive multimedia to teach, train, and inform. Its comprehensive eLearning solutions use a wide range of media, from video and 2D/3D animation to custom designed gamification components, custom database development, custom programmed interactive course design, and comprehensive metrics reporting, all sourced in house at DDA. With a uniquely synergistic capabilities in multimedia and interactive software design housed under one roof, DDA creates powerful, engaging, and immersive eLearning experiences that drive real world learning outcomes. Learn more about DDA’s custom eLearning platforms by exploring this website, or if you have a particular idea in mind, contact DDA today.

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